Welcome to Grand ARCO ampm (Dry Ice / Car Wash / Diesel / Propane)

At Grand ARCO ampm, we offer Dry Ice (Party Ice / Hot Ice), Large & Small Quantities...

You can reach us at T: (510) 465-4450 and by F: (510) 550-2841. We are looking forward to hearing from you.   You can also contact us at E-mail address: grandarco@gmail.com.

We also provide Propane Tank Purchase, Tank Exchange, and Tank Upgrade from 6am ~ 9pm.

At Grand ARCO ampm, we offer Automatic SoftGloss FoamBrite Car Wash by RYCO SOFTGLOSS MAXX which includes: Five (5) wash arms with patented split tall wash arms, Foam Bath / Shampoo Option with patented foam with no holes and 100% foam washing material, Undercar with Rocker Nozzles, Cold Clear Coat Option, Overhead Slim Line Dryer.  Car Wash open from 6am ~ 9pm.

At ARCO ampm, you always know what to expect: Good Gasoline & Diesel No.2 at a good price.  You need to get from point A to point B, and we have the gasoline & Diesel No.2, and we are Open 365 days.   At ARCO ampm, it is more than just a convenient store.   We offer more variety with bountiful hot and cold food stations and beverage bars.   This is an extraordinary convenience-store experience.   Stop in and indulge, let loose and snack with wild abandon 365 days.

Our business is located at 889 W. Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94607. (Cross from Market St.)